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We offer two services (detailed below)

Buying Service

Our buying service is a turnkey service whereby we find, negotiate and buy homes for our clients. The process starts with an initial meeting or call where we get to know each other and from which we start to understand our client’s focus. Once we have this information, we go out to find homes on and off market. We will share details of the properties we find with my clients along with our opinion and advice on all aspects of the property including location, condition, future value, investment potential and re-saleability and, of course, price. Once our client identifies a property they want to pursue, we will then start to negotiate with the selling agent to agree terms. After this stage, solicitors are instructed and we will remain involved in the process liaising with lawyers in order to help everything run smoothly. We remain involved until the purchase is completed. Once completed, upon request, we can also give support to my client in respect of any renovation and refurbishment plans.  



Clients often need assistance for all sorts of property related issues such as rental negotiations or property investments (which often leads to a property search).  Sometimes a client may have already agreed to buy a property but need assistance during the legal process or with queries they may have about the property. 

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